L'Esprit de Freyneau is a journey that begins with the vintage 2012, the idea was to create a wine who awaken our senses by its finesse, its originality, its complexity and generosity.
A wine made for pleasure...

Grape varieties:
- About 45% Merlot;
- About 30% Cabernet Franc;
- About 25% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Soil: The 35 years old vines are planted on a sandy-gravel soils.

Vineyard area: 0,14 ha.

Vine yield: 45 hecto/hectare.

Appellation: Bordeaux Rosé.

Vine-growing: The planting density is about 4500 plant per hectare, we work our soils mechanically and practice reasoned agriculture on the property since 1990. We do a short pruning in order to reduce our yields and obtain the best quality for our berries.

Winemaking: The harvest is conducted at optimal maturity, sorted at the cellar then put in vats under controlled temperature. The aging is done in new french oak barrels on lees for 11 months.

Production: 800 bottles.